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FITMENT CENTRES - 2012-04-16
Automotive Fitment Centres : SANS 10372:2010 : Amendments to SANS 10372:2003 The amendments are as follows: Clause 2.1 Competent Person: "person who has had at least one year's experience and who has undertaken the appropriate training provided by the relevant accredited body (MERSETA - one of 23 Sector Education and Training autho... more

MICRODOTS - 2012-04-16
MICRODOTS : Government Gazette 35130 : Amendments to National Road Traffic Regulations An amendment to the National Road Traffic Regulations was published on 9 March 2012 in Government Gazette 35130.   Ø  It makes the fitment of microdots to all motor vehicles first registered on or after 1 September 2012 compulsory.   ... more

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