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MICRODOTS : Government Gazette 35130 : Amendments to National Road Traffic Regulations

An amendment to the National Road Traffic Regulations was published on 9 March 2012 in Government Gazette 35130.


Ø  It makes the fitment of microdots to all motor vehicles first registered on or after 1 September 2012 compulsory.


Ø  Microdots are also required to be fitted to all motor vehicles that are presented for a SA Police clearance as from 9 March 2012 as that is the implementation date of the amendment.


"microdot' means a micro-particle with a diameter smaller than 1.8 mm, which bears  a  unique  optically   readable  microdot   identifier  of  which  the  content  and structure complies with SANS 534-1; and is legible with equipment that magnifies the text 60 times.".



Regulation  56:  "(1A)  A motor  vehicle  registered  for the first time in the Republic on or after 1  September   2012,   shall   be  fitted   with . microdots which  comply  with  the requirements of standard specification SANS 534-1  "Vehicle security - Whole  of vehicle  marking Part 1: Microdot systems.".


The amendment was originally published for comment in February 2011.

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