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Automotive Fitment Centres : SANS 10372:2010 : Amendments to SANS 10372:2003

The amendments are as follows:

Clause 2.1 Competent Person: "person who has had at least one year's experience and who has undertaken the appropriate training provided by the relevant accredited body (MERSETA - one of 23 Sector Education and Training authorities (SETAs) established in RSA in terms of Skills Development Act, 1998) in the specific operation and maintenance appropriate to the class of work he/she is required to do or supervise."

Clause 3(a):  "a register of all personnel, indicating their level of formal training and education provided by a relevant accredited body (MERSETA), and the training courses passed in a specific field;"

Clause 7.3.1: "Personnel shall attend on-going training courses or undergo relevant training provided by a relevant accredited body (MERSETA) relating to their work."

Clause 11 Health, safety and environmental issues: "Health, safety and environmental issues shall be adequately managed by the fitment centre in accordance with the relevant national legislation (Occupational health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993) (as amended from time to time)).

Courtesy of SABS


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